I was two hours late

I was two hours late for work today. yes, that's right--two hours. thing is, no one yelled at me. that's why i went back there after quitting once. and fate made up for it, as i had to work two and a half hours late. no harm done.

note to self: set alarm. yep.

cd count: thirty-two. bought mates of state, our constant concern, because i went shopping after work and couldn't find anything really cool that cost under a hundred dollars. mates of state are very good, and apparently they tour constantly.

i have very little of interest to share. i will now watch winona ryder on snl. and you know what? i'm happy that moby is on snl tonight, and is as popular as he is. he's just goofy enough to make it cool.

I find it incredibly amusing

I find it incredibly amusing that while everyone else is talking about not being able to wait to see star wars, i can't wait to see about a boy. i like nick hornby.

i am going to see star wars eventually, but i'll probably wait a month or so. sue me.

anyway, i have a bone to pick with everyone. why didn't anyone point this out to me? "i mean, i'm sure chaturbate nice guys [sic], and we could probably have a beer and have a great time hanging out, but I don't [sic] just don't like the music." proof positive that radiohead should be my favorite band.

"It might be ignorant [sic] on my part"...yes, mr. rock. it might be ignorant.

and apparently inxs offered their lead singer job to mike patton (yes, the faith no more / mr. bungle / ipecac records guy) after michael hutchence died. i am shocked that he turned it down. inxs marches on, though, and they're playing pop's on 21 june.

The friday five

The friday five (although i have to agree with missy that the questions are rather dull):

1. what shampoo do you use?

currently, suave's raspberry shampoo. usually, though, it's either some tea tree oil shampoo (gotta love my hair smelling like mint) or some fruit-scented one (i mean c'mon, who wouldn't want to date a guy with apple-scented hair?).

2. do you use conditioner? what kind

i use conditioner whenever the random fruity shampoo i buy is sold with a conditioner of the same type. but normally no. hence, my pseudo-fro that puts me in the same hair field as most dave matthews band fans and liberal arts college students.

3. when was the last time you got your hair cut?

professionally? last october. done myself? about a month and a half ago. i could use a trim.

4. what styling products do you use?

you're kidding, right? back when i lived with rahul, he had this wicked pomade that i used sometimes...i should get some pomade.

5. what's your worst hair-related experience?

pretty much every haircut i had from ages ten to fourteen resulted in me looking like a future marine or like a mental patient. i'm not kidding.

Yep...still awake

i must admit that a lot of credit must be given to the can of red bull that i drank at about noon. sure, i was shakyshakyshaky for an hour or two (the pot of coffee hadn't worn off yet), but it kept me from falling asleep. it's just unfortunate that while red bull has that pleasant fruity flavor, there are dirty (as in dirt-like, not naughty) undertones to the flavor which pretty much ruins the jasminlive experience for me.

cd count: thirty-one. i bought dillinger escape plan, calculating infinity--mostly so i could have something to listen to that would assuredly keep me awake on the drive home from work. that, and they rule.

oh, and i found out a happy piece of news. remember about a month and a half ago, when i complained about how i wasn't able to get to columbia to see ...and you will know us by the trail of dead? well, no harm done--they're playing in st. louis on 6 june. i feel better.

other upcoming shows (and if i haven't mentioned this before, this is for my benefit, as most of you have no use for this information--forgive me):

weakerthans / red squares, 5.17, creepy crawl (oh crap, that's tomorrow...)

sarah dougher / bruises, 5.20, creepy crawl

prince paul (!!!), 5.26, galaxy

...and you will know us by the trail of dead / secret machines, 6.6, galaxy (repeated for the sake of completeness)

social distortion / hangmen, 6.11, pageant

brandtson / liar's academy, 6.12, hi-pointe (the same exact lineup, same exact club, two months ago)

mates of state / appleseed cast, 6.13, hi-pointe (mos again? hey, i'm not complaining)

luna, 6.18, blueberry hill

ben folds (w/ the divine comedy?!?!?), 6.20, mississippi nights

juliana theory / glassjaw / piebald (and maybe rocking horse winner), 6.24, mississippi nights

kmfdm / pig / kindneythieves, 6.29, pop's

whenever i decide to do that, i end up taking forever.

i really need to sleep.

the best part of trying

the best part of trying to put together a new website is the blank slate, the promise of new design possibilities. the worst part is that i can't my damn thoughts together long enough to come up with anything.

so in case you're curious, the new jasminelive website should be up by september. now, if it's up before then, someone will be impressed.

and now i'm torn. the two hockey teams i hate more than anyone else (the avalanche and the red wings) are now playing each other. who to root for? could we just declare the maple leafs stanley cup champions and move to the off-season? please?

oh hey, look what i

oh hey, look what i found! the aforementioned (or post-mentioned, depending on how you're reading this) damon and naomi picture can be found here. i probably shouldn't have done that, because now photo-minded people will look at it and say "that's not so hot." so look at their picture of firewater, or of the magnetic fields, or maybe of rainer maria.

or you could just be like me and stare dreamily at the pictures of beth orton.

Some facts and figures: number

some facts and figures:

number of hours worked, sunday-tuesday: 21

number of hours scheduled to work, sunday-tuesday: 12.5

number of times i physically struck machines at work, sunday-tuesday: 5

number of times i thought i broke my finger as a result, sunday-tuesday: 1

number of times finger actually broke: 0

needless to say, i'm not answering the phone tomorrow. i did today, and look what it got me.

some more facts and figures:

number of cds purchased today: 1 (the rocking horse winner, horizon, bringing the cd count to thirty)

day when i will die, according to deathclock: 28 june 2052 (not all that interesting, really--taking average life span and doing the math--congratulations)

day of the week of 28 june 2052: friday (sorry if that ruins anyone's weekend)

exact amount of money that i am worth, according to human for sale: $1,995,910.00 (but i'll let myself go for a million--a steal!)

amount of spam e-mails i will receive as a result of querying humanforsale, estimated per day: 23

you know what i think? i think that the photographers for magnet should be bronzed and placed in a museum with a placard that says "these are the best rock music photographers ever. ever." that would make me happy.

i never ever do it, but i have a picture of damon and naomi from magnet up on my wall. i don't usually put magazine pictures on my wall, but it's such a great picture. and they have wall-worthy pictures in every issue. or that's what i think, at least.

does anyone know if the new album from caitlin cary (you know, the other former whiskeytown person) is any good? just curious.

i do believe that coffee...

i do believe that coffee ice cream is the nectar of the gods. oh yes, i said it. nectar. of. the. gods.

it has been a relatively uneventful couple of days off (with one exception, which i'll get into later). unfortunately, i severely skewed my sleep schedule, meaning that work (which starts in about eight hours) will not be fun. i'd love to be one of those people that go to bed after (or during) the evening news, wake up at six or seven in the morning, and face each morning with vigor. my vigor doesn't even wake up until two o'clock.

anyway, the exception previously mentioned was that alissa came into town yesterday. she's about to begin a remake of easy rider, except she'll be in a car, her brother will be with her, and (assumedly) they will not meet up with jack nicholson on the way. but i suppose you never know.

liz called alissa while she (alissa) was sitting in my apartment, so liz and i talked about how i was going to steal all dave's money so i could visit new york. i believe i also proved to liz that my iq drops about fifty points when i'm talking on a cell phone.

alissa and i chatted for some time about, well, the usual let's-see-what-the-other-person-knows-that-i-don't-know kind of stuff--there was a lot. apparently, everyone we know is doing cool stuff, and collecting unemployment makes working seem stupid--i'm working on ways to get fired as we speak.

actually, i just looked around a bit, and i think that i would only get around $150 a week if i collected unemployment. so maybe i should keep working.

anyway, it was good to see her and be able to chat for more than five minutes. almost everyone i know from school has since scattered around the country (which i know is normal, seeing as how most people take fewer than seven years to complete college), and being able to hang out with those people helps me to delude myself in to thinking that i'm not academically retarded.