Random notes about today

i'm currently drinking carnation instant breakfast, but there isn't as much milk in it as there should be. this was caused either by dave stealing my goddamn milk, or by my forgetting that i drink it sometimes. take your pick.

i know that the weather in the midwest--and, to me at least, st. louis specifically--is pretty schizophrenic, but this is crazy. i think we've had a severe thunderstorm warning every night this week.

a bird shat on me while i was sitting outside at work today. it creeped me out.

is it just me, or is one in three weblogs made with an anime theme of some sort?

i hate anime. those big eyes creep me out.

okay, that's not completely true. i dug akira, at least until the big amorphous thing happened, and golgo 13 has a cool look to it.

nbc just lost its satellite feed.'s back. wait, it's gone again.

i got about three hours of sleep last night.

trailer park just refuses to leave my car's cd player, but i have no problem with that.

apparently some part of the channel five viewing area got a third of an inch of rain in the last eight minutes. that's not right.

aren't you glad you asked?

the high point of my

the high point of my day was that i reached two hundred mp3s on my computer. in case you're curious, number two hundred was paul newman (the band, not the person), with the song "way to breathe, no-breath." exciting times had by all this evening, can you tell?

my dad is settling into having cable internet access at home. he apparently found the passenger manifest for the ship that brought his paternal grandfather over from europe. the boat arrived at ellis island on 1 april 1902.

i don't know why, but there was something enormously cool about finding out that information.