Those kinds of days

i like those kinds of days where the biggest question you have to answer is whether to make red beans and rice or black beans and rice.

this site tells me that my top six places to live are the following:

hartford, ct

portland, or

providence, ri

new haven, ct

milwaukee, wi

baltimore, md

they gave eighteen other options, and the majority of them ended up being on the upper east or upper west coast. i thought so.

just when i start to think that i don't know how to waste hours upon hours on the internet, i turn around and spending a loooong time looking up where i should live, teaching opportunities in assorted eastern cities (in case you're wondering, a lot in new york, not as many elsewhere), the average salary for pharmacists in america, and so on.

can you tell what's been on my mind lately?

by the way, the red beans won.

note to self: stop eating.

note to self: stop eating. there's way too much good stuff coming out soon (or that you still haven't bought):

el guapo - super/system (dischord) - out now

swearing at motorists - along the inclined plane (sec. canadian) - out now

pretty girls make graves - is it broken, doctor? (lookout) - out now

pedro the lion - control (jade tree) - out now

my morning jacket - chocolate and ice (badman) - out now

rocking horse winner - horizon (equal vision?!?) - out now

crooked fingers - reservoir songs ep (merge) - 5.7

trans am - t.a. (thrill jockey) - 5.7

aloha - sugar (vagrant) - 5.14

girls against boys - you can't fight what you can't see (jade tree) - 5.14

moby - 18 (v2) - 5.14

onelinedrawing - visitor (jade tree) - 5.14

dj shadow - the private press (universal?) - 5.21

my favorite - the kids are all wrong (double agent) - 5.28

guided by voices - universal truths and cycles (matador) - 6.18

sweep the leg johnny - going down swingin' (southern) - 6.25

what percentage of these albums will i actually buy? i'm guessing around 10-15%. but a guy can dream, can't he?

anyway, these are only the ones that i feel i must own. there's a list about three times longer of stuff coming out that i kind of would like, as well as a (mental) list about ten pages long of stuff i should own, but don't.

one of these days i'll break down and start downloading albums off audiogalaxy and burn them. it would save me a lot. a lot.

now if you'll excuse me, i'm going to go and watch the new yankee workshop. ah, saturdays.