Fairly movie-centric

It's been a fairly movie-centric kind of day:

dave rented hedwig and the angry inch a couple of days ago, and he's watching it now. i'm obviously not watching it, but i can say with certainty that the music is pretty damn good. (bonus fact: did you know that the guy who played hedwig in the stage version--at least for a while--was bob mould's guitar player on one of his tours? i forget his name, but i know he left the tour to start doing it)

insomnia intrigues me. obviously, christopher nolan has proven himself. but the opportunity to see al pacino and robin williams in a film together is strangely attractive to me.

speaking of robin williams, i cannot wait for one hour photo to come out. first off, it looks good. really good (haven't seen the trailer? go here). and second (and most importantly), it will never allow my stupid fucking customers to look at me the same way.

you may ask...have i become obsessed with a customer at work? um...not as much as the guy in one hour photo, but, um...yes. she will be mine.

dave and i also argued about two important (although their relative importance is indeed questionable) movie-type people:

argument one--kevin costner. dave said he was intrigued by thirteen days, but refused to see it because of kevin costner's presence. he said that kevin costner being in a movie makes in unpalatable to him. i proposed field of dreams (which he denied...i think you had to love baseball at some point to like this movie), the untouchables and a perfect world (neither of which he'd seen), and jfk (which he sort of agreed with). what do you think?

argument two--joel schumacher. after actually looking at his work, and realizing that he did falling down, we agreed that it was just the batman movies that fucked him up forever in our eyes. i think we're right on that one.

i was going to talk about how sidney lumet has pretty much gone downhill since 12 angry men, but then i saw that he did dog day afternoon. and, while i haven't seen network or serpico, those might count as well. so forget it.

you see? i can go on at length (thus losing most people reading this by about things other than music.

in other news, i unfortunately got out of work too late both today and yesterday to see drums and tuba (tonight) and les savy fav (last night). unfortunate? yes.

and while the blues may end up losing the series to the red wings, tonight's game was a fun one.