Why do I?

Preparations for the new website are coming along sloooowly, but at least they're coming along. the site is at, but there's nothing there yet, so don't bother. but if you go away for a while, and come back and find nothing here, go there instead. it'll be another week or two, though.


the morning comes to a stuttering halt

the cool breeze that blows is somebody's fault

the summer heat tries to burn througs.

and i look over to warn you but something's happening.

i forgot to mention this

i forgot to mention this earlier, but cd count: twenty-nine. i bought beth orton, trailer park (and i now freely admit that i must have eaten some psychoactive mushrooms or something when i said in 1996 that "she cries your name" was not a good song), and falling forward, hand me down. both albums are fine pieces of work.

i also took my final for my psychology class today. barring anything strange, i have a b in the class.

my life would be so much better right now if the kings had beaten the avalanche, so that the blues could be playing the sharks instead of the goddamn red wings. it's painful to watch--except for the last period today.

anyway, here's the last thing i did today.

gloria record / midlake / kill pill, live at the rocket bar in st. louis.

and in case you (read: vasant) are curious, i did not go to the spiritualized show last night, because of a last-minute twinge of "if i go, i won't wake up in time for my exam and all will be thrust into the pit of hell..." kind of situation. bummed, yes. but the gloria record made me feel better.

really quick sum-up: the kill pill had me thinking for the first minute of their set that they were going to sound like joy division. they didn't. hardcore, sorta--pretty good, actually.

midlake are from denton, tx. they have many a keyboard on stage with them (okay, three). they were fantastically good, enough so that i actually thought about buying a cd from them. i didn't, though, as i drank too much and used my cd-spending money.

the gloria record were quite good as well. a lot of the songs on the new album sound better live. that makes me happy. and they played a really screwed up version of "a lull in traffic" that i enjoyed thoroughly, as soon as i figured out what it was.

jon spencer and the ever-funky calvin johnson are looking doubtful for tomorrow night. les savy fav are less doubtful the night after, and drums and tuba are even less doubtful the night after that.

anyone heard of a band called taking pictures? it's supposed to have ex-members of milemarker and don caballero, so i'm intrigued. they're playing the rocket bar on tuesday.

damn it, i meant to get a lot of sleep tonight.