One more thing

Since people tend to read top to bottom, you'll read this first. so forget the "more" in that statement...but i'm leaving it there for my benefit. screw you): i'm listening to my mp3s on my headphones (a holdover from the nice discount i got at circuit city), and i can't help but mention this.

the crooked fingers song new drink for the old drunk sounds wicked good on headphones. the part at the very beginning where the cello kicks in just destroys me.

and yes, i'm well aware of the fact that i wrote "wicked good." i will go away now.

i had a dream last

i had a dream last night, and i mention this only because remembering my dreams is a rare occurrence. thus, when i do remember them, i have to mention it. get it? anyway, all i remember about this dream is walking out to my car, which was inexplicably parked in the nursery part of home depot. i get in and realize that the front passenger window is broken. i then notice that someone (assumedly, duh, the same someone who broke the window) has stolen the five or so cds that i had sitting in my car. i then commence crying, blathering something about losing my steely dan cd.

a couple of notes about this: i do not own any steely dan albums, nor could i tell you the name of any steely dan songs. that, and i have never parked my car in the nursery section of home depot. just so you know.

now, i always tell myself that i'm not going to get on here and write something that tells everyone, "hey, bill is really a very bitter person with a job that he alternately hates and, well, doesn't hate--and the worst part is when he complains he isn't even funny about it!" but for my benefit, i need to mention this.

i worked a thirteen hour shift at work today (scheduled for eight). normally, it wouldn't be that big of a deal, but i got home about a half hour ago, and i have to be back at work eight hours from now. and even worse, i'll probably end up working at least ten hours tomorrow, which will make for twenty-three (or more) hours worked in a thirty-two hour period, when i was scheduled to work sixteen.

oh, and so you know:

of times i heard a nickelback song at work today: 15 (i'm not kidding)

of times i felt like destroying the radio: 15

in addition, i hereby give you my list of the most annoying non-sensical syllables uttered in popular music:

the "nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah" in the new eminem single ("without me", i think?). annoyance factor: 9 out of 10 (it would have been a ten, but i have to admit that i like the line "nobody listens to techno," even if it is in reference to mocking moby).

the "oh wa-ah-ah-ah" thing in "down with the sickness," by disturbed. annoyance factor: 9.5 out of 10 (compounded by the fact that every disturbed song i've ever heard contains some really retarded nonsense--though some would say that the entire output of disturbed constitutes nonsense)

while it's not really nonsense, the part in "superstar" by the carpenters where she sings "baby baby baby baby oooh baby"...that part really pisses me off. it comes off like they couldn't figure out a line that would rhyme with "baby," so they figured they'd just rhyme it with "baby." and then they couldn't figure out a line ending with "baby," so they just decided to say it five times. annoyance factor: 7 out of 10 (it would be higher, but the song is pretty damn good if you excise that line).

there, it's out of my system. i think. y'all can come back now.

i think i did something to my knee while at work today. i've been walking like a fey seventy year-old cowboy ever since i got home. and again, for full disclosure--i don't normally walk like a fey seventy year-old cowboy, nor do i really know how one would walk.

i have this sneaking suspicion that if someone gave me a thousand dollars tomorrow, i'd end up buying a hundred cds. that's sick.

i just found out that my morning jacket is opening for beth orton on a couple of dates (including the one in chicago that i will not be able to see), and they also have a tendency to open for guided by voices. st. louis date? please?